4 pin elektrode za tens ems masazer 5,5x9cm (univ 2mm)

4 pin elektrode za tens ems masazer 5,5x9cm (univ 2mm)


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4 pin elektrode za tens ems masazer 5,5x9cm (univ 2mm)

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1. Uplata na bankovni racun unaprijed (Unicredit) - postarina 3 KM! Saljem preporuceno!

2. Pouzece - BH Expres 8 KM Olx brza dostava (Zapocni narudzbu)


Reusable TENS Unit Gel Pads for EMS TENS Massage Machine-Soft and Comfortable 2.2''x3.6''
Tens electrodes pads*6 pcs, self-adhesive pads and can be reused up to 50-60 times
OSITO top quality medical Tens Electrodes pads with high conductivity
Shape " 8 ", 2.2*3.6 inches, white non-woven soft fabric
Universal Pigtail of electrode pads fits most TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units
Strong adhesive, not easy to slide


Electrode tens massager pads are reusable, which can last 50-60 times and uniquely contoured to suit any part of the body.

Caution for Electrode Gel Pads
1. Never stick two adhesive pads on each other. 
2. For protection, the gel pads, always put it on to the gel pad protector after use. 
3. Don’t touch the gel of the pads by your figure, or it reduces the effect of the gel and make it lose its function. 
4. If the electrode pads become soiled, the adhesive power may decrease, and the skin might become irritated. If this situation happens, you should moisten the surface of the pads with water and wipe away the soiled portion, this will allow a pad restoration of the adhesive poser. But it will lose the adhesive power if there is too much water. The best way is to change other pads. 
5. Keep the adhesive gel pads clean, and never put them under high temperature or direct sunshine. 
6. The effects of pads will disappear after many times using it. Please change for new pads if the pads have never been used in a whole year. 
* (Since some people have skin problems) Please immediately stop use if any irritation occurs, and contact us or therapist. 
* Not suitable for pregnancy or labor pains. 
* Do NOT move or touch the electrode pads while the product is on. It may shock.

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