Onkyo linija INTEC 275

Onkyo linija INTEC 275


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Onkyo linija INTEC 275

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Onkyo INTEC 275, iz 3 komponente , očuvana sa originalnim daljinskim

Onkyo PHA-933

Stereo system from the Separate Collection275 series consisting of the Onkyo A-933, C-733 and T-433

Information about the Onkyo Stereo System of the Seperate Series 275
A superb series that combines the finest engineering with the highest practical benefit. Without a doubt, digital technology is causing some uproar in the audio industry - in relation to theIntegrated amplifier A-933 and the CD-Player C-733 this is fully justified because both Components enabled by Onkyos high-tech in-house developments such as VL Digital, (Vector Linear Shaping Technology) and Direct Digital Path an absolutely pure, practically undisturbed one signal. The twoToroidal transformersof the A-933 and the thick busbars guarantee a large and at the same time stable current flow. Even at low levelsImpedancesTrouble-free operation is guaranteed. The CD player C-733 also impresses with the high level of construction effort, which is demonstrated, for example, by the excellent signal-to-noise ratio, which ensures an exceptionally good playback quality. This is also from this seriesFM/AT THE/RDS-Tuner T-433, which uses RDS and Accuclock to receive radio stations that impress with their precise and clear sound - in short: These three new Onkyo components are exactly the right thing for users with the highest demands on acoustics, optics and quality.

Information about the Onkyo A-933

Amplifier equipment features

2 x 80 W on 8 ohm, 1 kHz, DIN

Exclusive Onkyo VL (Vector Linear) digital technology

Complete more discreet Output stage structure

Two toroidal transformers for power even at low impedances

Thick busbars suitable for low impedances

Audio performance characteristics

Tone controls (bass /Heights/ Super bass)

"Source Direct" mode of operation

6 audio inputs and 2 outputs

Main in connectors

Preamp output For Subwoofer

Linear motor-driven volume control

Switchable A / B speaker connections

Banana plugs-compatible speaker cable screw connections

Further features

Headphone jack

Highly stable chassis made of aluminum (1.6 mm thick)

Brushed aluminum faceplate

RI (Remote Interactive) remote control with a complete range of functions

Information about the Onkyo C-733

Audio performance characteristics

Gives CDs, CD-R and CD-RWs again

VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)

192 kHz / 24-bit-THERE-converter

DLA link

High-precision clock generator

2 optical digital outputs

Program memory for 25 tracks

Repeat / Shuffle / Memory Play

Further features

Extremely quiet CD loading mechanism

Direct digital path technology

Blue FL-Display

Brushed aluminum faceplate

Information about the Onkyo T-433

30 FM / AM station memory

Automatic AM / FM station search

RDS (CT / PS / RT) and Accuclock function

System remote controllable with A-933

Timer with five operating modes (1/2/3/4 / Sleep)

Highly stable, resonance-inhibiting chassis

Blue FL display

Brushed aluminum faceplate

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