Veena & Neena - Discover Bellydance-3DVD

Veena & Neena - Discover Bellydance-3DVD


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Veena & Neena - Discover Bellydance-3DVD

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Naučite trbušni ples sa Veenom i Neenom, vidi detaljno!

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Veena & Neena - Discover Bellydance (2001) (3 DVD Set) DVD5
DVD5 | VOB | MPEG2, 720x480 NTSC, 30fps | AC3 192 kbps | Each of the three discs - 45 min | 9.66 GB
Genre: Training, Bellydance

Education belly dancing is becoming more and more popular among women. After all, this incredibly beautiful dance can replace all: shaping, diet, exercise, plastic surgery. alternation of plastics, shock and tryasok makes more flexible and agile muscles and ligaments. The skin is supple, beautiful, free from cellulite. With belly dancing can lose weight without having to diet, to harmonize their weight. According to one theory, the learning process develops the muscles that make a woman becomes unsurpassed mistress.

This is the latest training program has been specially designed for people who can not dance, and for people who have studied the original motion.
Complete training oriental dance includes 3 DVD disc:
Belly dancing: a basic course
Belly Dancing: Advanced Course
Belly dancing: the mysteries and secrets of seduction
Join in and Nien Vien Bidash and they really teach you belly dance! They dance since childhood and travel around the world, improving their skills, and are considered the best in the world. Viena Nien and starred in the film, took part in the TV show, played in theaters.

Basic Course (Basic Dance)
In the basic course understand more complex movements and combinations. These movements require a physical and coordination training. After warming up, and repeating the basic movements you begin to master more complex movements, tilt, swivel and ligaments: eight, swing, wave, pendulum, dancing bust and many others. Special attention is paid to the movements of the hips, stomach, shaking hands. Each movement is accompanied by detailed instructions and shown slowly so that you can learn every detail.
Do not worry if you have something not immediately succeed. Experiment! Try to express through dance, the state of his soul. Dancing, you will gain a new quality - artistic, communication, ability to apply themselves. As you will have the same "pearl", which is the secret of feminine charm and appeal.

Advanced course (Beyond Basic Dance) Basic course
The initial course will help you learn all the basic moves and elements of erotic belly dance. Each movement is accompanied by a detailed descríption and shown slowly, so that you can learn every detail. After a short warm-up you start to study the basic upper and lower body movements. Once you start getting, you can increase the speed and frequency of repeats. The course does not require any specific physical training and coordination and is available to all. People of any height, weight and age can handle it, developing his body, promoting health and prolonging youth.

Mysteries and secrets of seduction (Mystic Dance)
This course includes the reinforcement of movement. They aim to work out a smooth and sexy dance, building a multi-level classical composition, plastic body. You will learn how to share the technique of "bottom" and "top." Dancing hands in a completely different rhythm and a different rate than the stomach, hips - quick shake, and hands - smooth motion. Each movement is accompanied by detailed instructions and shown slowly so that you can learn every detail.

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