[ZAVRŠENO] Poppulse Klasa T Pojačalo (Klipsch)

Poppulse Klasa T Pojačalo (Klipsch)


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08.04.2019 u 18:11

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08.04.2019 u 18:11
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Poppulse Klasa T Pojačalo (Klipsch)

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Model T180

Vrhunsko srednje pojačalo Audiophil

Ili Stereo ,DAC.

10kg težina .

Successor to the T150-PRO model of the brand, the T-AMP 180 remains a reference in the art of exploiting the potential of the famous chipsetTRIPATH TA2022, true legend of the DIY surrounded for the occasion of a plethora of guests of brands:

- Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitors PHILLIPSintended for Audio applications (by parallelizing a greater number of capacitors this amplifier has a higher dynamic range and a lower ESR). 
- Duo of operational amplifiers LM-49720, which constitute the ultimate in AOP in the form of an integrated circuit (very low noise and distortion with a THD + N to 0.00003% , Common Mode Rejection (CMRR) and Power Supply (PSRR) cap at 120dB) 
- High-precision ALPS motorized volume controller. 
-Oversized Toroidal Power Supply in replacement of the conventional switched-mode power supplies generally encountered on this type of Class-T product, and which makes it possible to limit the harmful effects of switching and of their harmonics on high frequencies.

Integrated polymer amplifierorph, the T-AMP 180 develops with this arsenal a "serious" 180 Watts per channel under 4Ω , a power that combined with the exceptional dynamics of the Tripath will surprise you by its immediate availability.

This new version also has a 3-position source selector, as well as a volume control on the remote control that can now be used both on the input XLR balanced than on one of theRCA asymmetric .
The combined power of the 2 TA2022 

2 x 180 Watts at 4Ω ,

of what to discipline the most indomitable enclosures.

Subtle mix of finesse and firmness, this amplifier of great generosity provides joy and emotion as few others know how to do in these tariff waters.

Warning, this amplifier may be sensitive to radio interference from FM radios and tuners./ P>

Features:/ Strong>

Class-T amplification circuitTRIPATH TA2022 x2
Potentiometer: Motorized Alps
Case: Aluminum
Remote control: volume control and source selection
Protections: overcurrent, voltage, voltage, heating etc.
capacitorsPHILLIPS, AOP National SemiconductorLM-49720
High Precision Volume Controller motorized
Line Input Stereo Inputs Asymmetrical RCA
Line Input Stereo Line Out XLR Symmetrical 

High quality RCA headers
Outings onHP High Quality Gold Plated 24k Terminals and accepting cables of large cross-section

Output power per Channel on resistive load:

Stereo 2 x 120W / 8Ω (0.1% THD + N)
Stereo 2 x 180W / 4Ω (0.1% THD + N)
"Audiophile" power:

Stereo 2x90W / 8Ω (0.015% THD + N)
Stereo 2x140W / 4Ω (0.015% THD + N)
Harmonic Distortion Rate Total: 15-80 KHz (-1db)
Signal Noise Ratio: 280mV