Learning Guitar For Dummies-DVD

Learning Guitar For Dummies-DVD


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Learning Guitar For Dummies-DVD

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Naučite svirati gitaru, video tečaj!

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Learning Guitar For Dummies 2nd Edition
English | 1h 22mn | 720x544, 716MB
Genre: eLearning

Have you always wanted to play guitar? Who wouldn't? Think of Jimi Hendrix wailing away on his Stratocaster. . . Chuck Berry duck-walking across the stage to "Johnny B. Goode". . .B.B. King making his "Lucille" cry the blues. No doubt about it, guitars are cool.

Guitar For Dummies 2nd Edition tells you everything a beginning or intermediate guitarist needs to know: from buying a guitar to tuning it, playing it, and caring for it, this book has it all, and you don't even need to know how to read music. Full of photo-illustrated exercises and songs you can play to practice the techniques discussed in each section, this step-by-step guide will take you through the basics and beyond before you can say "Eric Clapton." You'll learn how to:

- Match yourself with the guitar and equipment that fits your needs and budget
- the right accessories: amps, picks, pedals, capos, cases, and other goodies
- Pick and strum to produce a clean, clear, buzz-free tone
- Know whether you're really in tune
- Play melodies without reading music
- Perform basic guitar maintenance and repairs
- Build strength and dexterity while playing
- Play in different styles, including rock, blues, folk, jazz, and classical
- Make your guitar talk with bends and slides!

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