Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form - DVD

Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form - DVD


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Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form - DVD

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Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form
DVDRip | AVI / XviD, 704 kb/s | 512x384 | 09:56:32 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 698 MB
Genre: Sport, Health

Terry Dunn's Tai Chi for Health Yang Long Form DVD provides 125 minutes of detailed, comprehensive instruction in perhaps the most popular Tai Chi routines practiced today: the classical 108-posture Yang family Long Form created six generations ago in the 19th century grandmaster Yang Lu Chang. The Yang family Long Form requires approximately 20 minutes to perform once learned, and is a most healthful moving meditation that integrates body and mind while teaching perfect natural movement in executing Tai Chi s martial art techniques. Three times longer than the Yang Short Form,

the Long Form consists of a wide repertoire of continuously flowing martial techniques palms, punches, kicks, throws, splits, locks, sophisticated counters and defensive maneuvers each with a poetic classical Chinese name ( White Crane Spreads Wings , Grasp the Sparrow's Tail. Carry Tiger to Mountain ) and all based on the Tai Chi concepts of roll-back, neutralize, push and press. For centuries, Tai Chi players have universally found that practicing two rounds of the Long Form effects a tangible increase of the body's internal energy (chi), accompanied by mental clarity and a pleasant rejuvenating glow of warmth and vitality through every cell of the body. Long Form practice on a daily basis ensures supreme good health and high energy levels. This comprehensive DVD program features: 1. Historical and Philosophical introduction to Tai Chi Chuan. (5 minutes) 2. Warm-up Exercises: breathing,

basic t'ai chi postures (wu chi or Universal Post , the cat stance or sit-stance, and the bow stance) and the powerful Circling Exercise (aka Wave Hands Like Clouds in bow stance) which introduces the viewer to the five cardinal principles of Tai Chi Chuan. (40 minutes) 3. Step-by-step instruction in the 108-posture Yang Long Form (60 minutes) 4. Advanced Long Form Training Exercises. (8 minutes) 5. Demonstration Flow of entire Long Form by Terry Dunn (14 minutes). The current DVD edition of Tai Chi for Health, Yang Long Form features most a user-friendly and convenient media presentation of Terry Dunn s instruction by way of the Lessons mode, by which the viewer can any posture or exercise in the Yang Long Form choreography and that section is played continuously in a loop until one presses the NEXT button--thus affording convenient, hands-free repetitive Form practice. The Long Form DVD is one of the most popular instructional Tai Chi videos on the market second only to Dunn s Tai Chi for Health Short Form DVD. From 1998 to 2004, the two Tai Chi for Health DVD s by Terry Dunn accounted for 35% of every DVD program sold in America with the word Chi in its title (Long Form accounting for 16%; Short Form accounting for 19%). With more than 9 million sold since their release in 1990, Terry Dunn s Tai Chi for Health program have done more to popularize Tai Chi practice in the West than any other media publication.

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