[PRODANO] Trotec, Fen za vrući zrak, HyStream 2000

Trotec, Fen za vrući zrak, HyStream 2000

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10.01.2017 u 15:39


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Trotec, Fen za vrući zrak, HyStream 2000

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Kratki opis

Industrijski fen, 2000W, sa displejem temperature do 650c

Detaljni opis

Hot Air Gun HyStream 2000

Universal hot air blower in practical pistol shape

From wrapping the car with a plastic welding, material deformation, cable shrinking, paint and material remains removal, through to wallpaper peeling or drying acceleration of glue or paint- the heat gun HyStream 2000 is a universal helper for many manual work and should be in every toolbox.

The ergonomic pistol design of our multi-talented HyStream 2000 makes even longer heat treatments possible- and thanks to the specially balanced weight distribution, this thermal tool can be also used in hands-free stable stand operation.

In order to set up the heat gun HyStream 2000 optimally for each task, the device has 60 pre-selectable temperature levels from 50 ° C to 650 ° C and a five-step air flow control. The safe continuous operation will ensure the automatic temperature control with integrated overheating protection.

All selected output value can be easily read on the integrated LCD display and thanks to the memory function the last setting will be saved even if the device is not switched on.

Whether precise or wide-area heat treatment and targeted heat stream deflection in order to protect the heat-sensitive substrate materials - thanks to the attachment nozzles set, which are already included in the scope of delivery, with the heat gun Hy Stream 2000 you have an optimal thermal tool- can be also used as a professional grill lighter to quickly light your charcoal.

Fer practical benefits:
  • Ergonomic pistol design
  • LCD display of selected output values
  • Air volume and air temperature independently adjustable
  • Attachement nozzles for special applications included in the scope of delivery
  • Safe operation due to overheating protection
  • Thanks to the specially balanced weight distribution can be also used in stable stand operation

Including versatile attachment nozzles set:

Grill lighter nozzle: the charcoal is glowing and is ready for grill within few minutes when this specially constructed nozzle is deeply inserted in it.

Broad stream nozzle: For a constant surface air distribution or even drying process of filling works.

Glass protection/deflection nozzle: Protects against overheating- for example glass panes - by deflecting the heat stream. Ideal for removing old coats of paint and putty on window frame or during restoration work.

Reducing nozzle: Reduces the heat stream for precise work, for example for paint removal in corners or for welding.

Tehnički podaci:

  • Ulazna snaga: 2000 W
  • Raspon temperature: 50°C do 650°C (u pomacima od 10°C)
  • Protok zraka: 15 - 30 m³/h (u pomacima od 5)
  • Dužina kabla: 1.9 m
  • Voltaža: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Dimenzije (uređaj): dužina 150 mm
  • Dimenzije (nastavci): dužina 30 mm / Ø 30 mm
  • Dimenzije (uređaj): dužina 255 mm / sa 70 mm / Ø 90 mm
  • Težina: 940 g