Chuck Liddell - The Pit Workout - 2DVD

Chuck Liddell - The Pit Workout - 2DVD


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Chuck Liddell - The Pit Workout - 2DVD

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Chuck Liddell - The Pit Workout DVD
English | 02 DVD-Video | MPEG2 720x480 23.976 fps | AC-3 224 Kbps 48 KHz | 4.20 GB + 4.35 GB
Genre: eLearning

Combine Mixed Martial Arts with proven modern day training techniques, and your result is The Pit Workout.Join world-renowned, 10th degree black belt and professional trainer John Hackleman, RN (AKA;The Pitmaster) as he leads you through three workouts that will literally kick and punch you into the best shape of your life.The Pit Workout combines old school training, attitude, power and discipline with cutting edge, scientific, result oriented techniques.
The Pit Workout is a dynamic, three-day per week workout program designed to build speed, power and endurance.Each one-hour program includes full body conditioning while targeting specific muscle groups.Be ready to work hard, sweat and have fun while building endurance, flexibility, strength, speed and power.
Pit Workout One:
Emphasizes the upper body with specialized push-ups and punch combinations.
Pit Workout Two:
Works the lower body through squats, lunges and kick combinations.
Pit Workout Three:
Combines both workouts in an intense full-body routine.
Bonus Features:
Punching & Kicking Techniques, Stretching, and Handwraps.

Disk 1:
There are warm ups for both that have light punching, head rolls, jumping jacks, etc for 5-7 min.
Upper body - has a lot of push ups... in different hand positions, levels, speeds & even clapping in between. The punching time is only 5 min since thats how long the average fight lasts. So you alternative between the 2 for almost all of the workout. The punching is done at each person's pace & he gives no pointers. He only does the push ups, otherwise walks around & talks or is totally off camera & silent. There are some kicking & some jump rope here as well.
Lower body - has squat w/kicks, punching air, kicking, standing fwd bend/squats up/down, semi fast paced standing to squat thrusts & jump rope on 1 leg only.

Disk 2:
Workout 1 Hour - starts with jumping jacks, etc. aerobic warm up, then knee kicks for a while & shadow boxing for a while for a total of 30 min about. Next is push ups with squat thrusts for a long time, laying down & touching toes, bicycle crunches, simulated rowing, simulated rowing position w/torso twists, double leg lifts & jump rope for a very long time & couple more aerobics I might have forgotten.
John actually does almost all the workout with the other fighters which makes the workout much better, he's dripping w/sweat, his voice gets hoarse & even he struggles to go on which is great to see.
Teaching - it was shown very fast of punches & kicks. About 2 min spent on each with him alone. I did learn more about the intention of the move & on the roundhouse to use the calf more then the top of the foot. I was surprised when teaching a straight punch he never mentioned the wrist alignment or not to lock the elbow.
Stretching - starts with a basic Russian split, then a sitting split forward bend, then holding the split & fwd bending over each leg, butterfly & ends with reclined butterfly. John walks around here & doesn't do the stretching.
Hand Wraping - he uses a basic stretch wrap with a thumb hole & velcro on the other end & says to wrap it like you would a sprained wrist & shows it once quick.

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