DVD-Great Body Guaranteed!

DVD-Great Body Guaranteed!


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DVD-Great Body Guaranteed!

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Great Body Guaranteed! - 5 workouts on 1 DVD
Avi | 592 x 488 | 23.98 fps | 128 kbps AAC |
Genre : Video Training

Say goodbye to those marathon workouts...with Great Body Guaranteed!, you can achieve spectacular results in less than 10 minutes a day and in just 30 days! There's no faster, easier way to slim, tighten, and tone your entire body.
Great Body Guaranteed! - How it works so fast
Celebrity trainers Debbie Siebers and Tony Horton created Great Body Guaranteed! using the science of Sectional Progression™ to get you the most jaw- dropping results in the shortest amount of time. With Sectional Progression each movement targets a specific zone for maximum definition without any wasted effort.
- It's easy to get started!
Just pick the routine you want to do ( alternating each day to hit a different muscle group), and you've got a challenging, complete workout—in just a few short minutes!
Every program features a special countdown timer to motivate you to the finish line! This unique on-screen display marks your progress and helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

- Thin Thighs Guaranteed!
Thin Thighs Guaranteed!™
A fast and effective way to sculpt lean, sexy legs in just 8 minutes.

- Great Abs Guaranteed!
Great Abs Guaranteed!®
Get the ripped abs you've always wanted with this amazing 7-minute workout.

- Great Stretch Guaranteed!
Great Stretch Guaranteed!
Improve flexibility and reduce injuries and common aches associated with aging and overexertion.

- Great Arms Guaranteed!
Great Arms Guaranteed!
Add firmness, definition, and lean muscle mass to your biceps and triceps with this proven arm routine.

- Great Buns Guaranteed!
Great Buns Guaranteed!
An excellent way to tighten and tone the buns—this routine really hits the glutes to get dramatic results.

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