Learn Swimming with Total Immersion -2DVD

Learn Swimming with Total Immersion -2DVD


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Learn Swimming with Total Immersion -2DVD

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Learn Swimming with Total Immersion (ebook + Video Tutorial)
English | .AVI, .MPEG | XviD 320x240 25 fps | MP3 128 Kbps 44.1 KHz |
Genre: eLearning

If you cannot swim yet, train yourself now. If you can swim already, improve yourself now.
Anyone YOUNG and OLD can watch and practice swimming with those tutorials. See you in pools,
or any place we can swim in!
If you thought you’d never learn to swim, this DVD will teach you how. This program is simpler
than any alternative, works with unprecedented dependability, and makes swimming enjoyable
and deeply satisfying. Excellent for frustrated swimmers trying to figure out why they aren’t
swimming faster. “Total Immersion” gives you a step by step blue print on how to become a
better, faster, more efficient swimmer. Includes lessons for FREESTYLE, BREAST STROKE, BACK
STROKE and BUTTERFLY STROKE. Includes eBooks and Video Tutorials. Read more on next page.

5 stars

Masters swimmer and acclaimed coach Terry Laughlin has taught thousands to swim more
efficiently in the workshops he has given across the United States. Eddie Reese1992, 1996, 2000,
and 2004 United States Olympic Coach and Head Coach, University of Texas (six-time NCAA
champions)The most valuable service a good coach provides is to sharpen your technique, not
make you work harder. Terry Laughlin has done an outstanding job of simplifying that complex job, providing practical tools that will work for any coach or teacher.
David Marsh1996, 2000, and 2004 United States Olympic Coach and Head Coach, Auburn University (2003 NCAA Men’s and Women’s champions)Total Immersion can help anyone learn to be a better swimmer,
regardless of ability. Terry Laughlin makes an improved stroke simple for the novice, yet I’ve seen his methods work for elite swimmers, too.
• Master new challenges and break down boundaries and limits
• Detailed and specific steps for adapting your pool-developed skills to swim where there are no
walls or lines
• Confidently swim nearly any distance in nearly any body of water

Total Immersion Way Butterfly and Breaststroke.mpeg
Total Immersion Way Freestyle and Backstroke.mpeg
Total Immersion Freestyle.avi
Total Immersion Breastroke According to Moses.avi
Total Immersion Swim fast Michael Phelps Butterfly.avi
Total Immersion Four Strokes Made Easy.avi
Total Immersion Freestyle Swimming Triathlon Stuff.avi
Total Immersion Breathing.avi
Total Immersion Freestyle Made Easy.avi
Total Immersion Swim fast Lindsay Benko Freestyle.avi
Total Immersion Perpetual Motion Freestyle.avi


Total Immersion swimming 02 in H2O
Total Immersion swimming Happy Laps

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