Egoscue Method: Pain Free Workout - DVD

Egoscue Method: Pain Free Workout - DVD


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Egoscue Method: Pain Free Workout - DVD

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Vježbe bez bola, za početnike i napredne!

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Egoscue Method: Pain Free Workout, 2 DVD Set, Beg & Adv 
Year: 2007 | Country: USA | Duration: 6:17 +45:55 +40:52 | Language: English | Quality: DVDRip | Format: AVI | Video: XviD, 640 x 480, 4/3, 23.976 fps | Audio: MPEG-1 Audio layer 3, 128 Kbps, CBR, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch. 
Genre: Video Training

Egoskyu: Freedom from Pain
Each of us is responsible for their health. And health is movement. The method proposed in this video will give you a chance to take the path to recovery without surgery and pain medication. If you have no pain - so much the better! Video will teach you how to increase energy levels, improve fitness and prevent disease.

"In short, the theory Egoskyu is that our body is biomechanically not configured for the types of activities that we normally occupy it. For this reason, it adapts , then there are certain groups of muscles will atrophy, while others on the contrary take on too much, which is why all the warps and sore. And in this he sees no reason a variety of diseases from many different areas .... Gymnastics, in fact, is a set of exercises such as hatha yoga, mostly stretching or static load, they are not difficult, and selected to make up for that motor impairment, which produces a painful symptom. " ( Oleg Matveev ) Series The Pain Free Workout is one of the most important and exciting DVD series in this field. You will learn about the ways that will easily improve your posture woo, to strengthen the muscular system, increase flexibility and joint mobility. And thus rid yourself of the pain that makes everyday life nevynoashsimoy, making it a constant struggle!

These extraordinary training method based on Egoscue for more than 25 years, used by thousands of people like you, in specialized clinics ... Finally they become available for use in your home! In training exercises are taken from the best book that describes this method Pain Free.

1 - Workout for Beginners (Beginners) - designed for people involved on an occasional basis. It can be done regardless of age or ability! The main focus is on proper alignment, posture and muscle balance participation. Leading experts Liba Placek and Brian Bradley will teach you the methods of restoring flexibility and strength, which at the same time will have a rejuvenating effect on your body. How so? What is youth? One of its characteristics - maximum joint mobility and flexibility of the muscles and ligaments. You will achieve these performance by eliminating muscle and joint pain!

2 - Training for Advanced (Advanced) - combines the most effective exercise method in one, easily feasible for them to exercise. Use this program to achieve the main goal - the elimination of pain! Recommended for anyone who is in good physical shape and are engaged in other fitness programs.

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