Rip 60 Fitness System - DVD DL

Rip 60 Fitness System - DVD DL


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Rip 60 Fitness System - DVD DL

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8-sedmični program!

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Rip 60 Fitness System - DVD DL
[2011,DVDRip, ENG] | 7.02 GB
English| DVDRip| AVI| 2011| Over 10h
Genre: Video Training

Jillian Michaels Rip 60 Fitness DVD Set is clearly a new product. Jillian Michaels isnt the primary
trainer; Jeremy Strom kicks off the workouts. I had been considering the P90X Extreme Home
Fitness Workout Program as a system to help me get back into shape after many years of
infrequent exercise (and a few health problems). This program clearly is made to compete
against P90X, and it offers some interesting benefits at a better cost. I jumped at the chance to
 try this, but you should know that the trainer on the pre-release DVDs was not Jillian.

WEEK 1: The week 1 DVD begins with what they call a warm-up but to me felt like a shock to the
 system. I had to perform Week 1s workouts in stages. I did as much of the program as I could,
and found myself needing an off-day every other day. Hence, I decided to take 2 weeks to
perform all the same number of days as I would have if I did this every day. It was still a challenge well into the second week, so I had little fear of plateau.
WEEK 2: I am doing week 2 during what would have been week 3, and it seems to not be getting
easier. I am trying to power through it.
WEEK 3: I am halfway through the program and I am finding my stamina has increased
considerably. I am not really seeing any visible changes in my body yet. But I am definitely able
to finish workouts that, in the beginning, I needed a break to get through.
Here are my overall thoughts so far. The exercises and movements are not difficult on their own,
but they are well designed so that when they are performed in sequence they present a real
challenge. They dont always seem to inform people of how to adjust for fatigue or modify
exercises. Pace yourself carefully if you are not a fitness junkie.

The straps are useful but finding a place to set them up was difficult. They are designed to be set
 up either on a pole, hook or the outside of a door. The straps also require adjustment, and I
found that I got small metal splinters when adjusting them. So the quality of the components are
not the best.
I adjusted them to the shortest length I could and stopped messing with them. But once I had
them set up, I didnt have to adjust them any more and they were fine. I could imagine doing the
program exercises without this tool, though it greatly increases the intensity.

Since most people have few TVs outside of doors, it was hard to find a good place to set this up.
 I found it easiest to set the straps up on a sturdy closet clothes rod. Not everybody has a closet
rod that is truly sturdy, so this wont work for everybody.
Ideally if it was higher up it would have been easier to do the exercises. They do sell a ceiling
bracket, but installing it would require finding a stud in a good location for placement. I feel that
might be overkill for most people.
If you dont have a rod to wrap this around near a nice DVD player and TV screen, I would
 recommend moving your laptop to the best location you can set up the straps and doing your
workout from there.

This is a very challenging program and I feel those who could stick to it will get results. Once you
set up the straps in a good location, your main challenge will be recovering quickly enough to do
the workouts every day.

Research has shown that as we age, we lose some muscle movement. The Rip 60 reverses this
trend by re-introducing you to old movements and teaching you new ones, training your body to
use its muscles again.

The next step is to follow the scientifically designed eight-week progression of movements, each
week illustrated in a single DVD. Weeks one through four focus on strength, teaching you the
right moves to increase your strength and endurance. Weeks five through eight target your
overall power, with moves that maximize muscle activation.
The first DVD, titled Wake Up Your Body, prepares you for the upcoming workouts. DVDs two and
three amp up the intensity, with a Hyper Burn workout that focuses on stability and endurance
and a Turn and Burn workout that introduces longer sets for added stamina. During week four,
 youll Recharge using yoga and tai chi.
Week five helps you Built It Upthe beginning of the muscle growth phase. Youll be introduced to
heavier weights to prepare your body for more power. During week sixs Power and Strength,
youll start focusing on power moves, bringing in faster movements and more reps. In Pedal to the Metal, youll use the moves from week six and integrated them into longer reps still. Finally, youll bring it all
together in The Peak, the week-eight workout that combines the strength, power, and endurance youve gained and evaluates it against a timed assessment.

The Rip 60 also includes four bonus DVDs. In Jillian Michaels Workout DVD, youll learn to lose
weight with Americas Toughest Trainer, who runs you through a complete total-body workout.
The Georges St. Pierre Workout DVD teaches you the signature moves of an MMA fighter,
creating extreme muscle explosion and unbelievable results. The Power Yoga Workout DVD is all
about lengthening and strengthening, teaching you a number of moves to improve your overall
balance and physical well-being. The DVD helps you recover after your eight-week body transformation. The final Runners Workout DVD boosts your running training by strengthening your stabilizer muscles.

To improve your form, you can turn to the included wall chart exercise guide, which provides
step-by-step instructions on specific exercises.

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