Kristin McGee - Power Yoga - DVD

Kristin McGee - Power Yoga - DVD


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Kristin McGee - Power Yoga - DVD

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Yoga za svakoga, od početnika do naprednih!

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Kristin McGee - Power Yoga
DVDRip | English | August 26, 2003 | ASIN: B00009YXBK | avi | Xvid 640x480 1716 kbps | MP3 2 ch 131 kbps | 53 min | 700 MB
eLearning, Sports

MTV and yoga? The two concepts don’t go together as naturally as, say, Siegfried and Roy. Still, this 40-minute program (plus a brief Pilates-based routine for the abs) has more to offer than the chance to gaze at buff young bodies in leotards. Instructor Kristin McGee (who also appears on MTV Yoga, the channel's 2002 yoga program) continually emphasizes the crucial element of the breath, and the routine includes sun salutations, backbends, balances, twists, and other aspects of a well-rounded practice. But not enough time is allotted for warm-up, and the pace is very brisk; any practice that uses the downward dog pose primarily for resting is not for the faint of heart. That’s fine for the short-attention-span generation spawned by MTV, but not great when it comes to a discipline that cultivates endurance, will, patience, and introspection by way of the depth and deliberateness of the movements. It’s yoga all right, but this is definitely not recommended for the inexperienced. --Sam Graham

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MTV POWER YOGA works for everyone --whether green newcomer or seasoned fitness pro. Incorporating beginner-to-advanced versions in one routine, the workout is all-inclusive. Shot outdoors at the beautiful Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, the serene surroundings perfectly complement the great routine. Kristin takes the class and viewers through a fast-paced workout, beginning with breathing instructions and stretches. It builds briskly and skillfully into more strenuous positions, working each individual section of the body, subtly enhancing flexibility and strength.

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