Ballet Fitness - DVD

Ballet Fitness - DVD


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Ballet Fitness - DVD

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Ballett Fitness by Jennee - Ballet Blast
English | AVI | XviD 1899 kbps | 720x400 24fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 00:50:29 | 736 MB
Genre: Fitness Ballet

Blast Ballet - Dance Workout which combines exercises inspired by ballet, fitness and Pilates performed in a vigorous pace to burn calories. Get ready to move! Segment plies reduce your ass, will make your thighs slim and burn calories! Cardio Ballet will make you keep moving while lengthening your muscles. Get ready to sculpt and tone your upper body with a segment Ballet Sculpt, and properly done training exercises on the abdominals and back, and a well-deserved stretch. Include exercise in your lesson plan for great results!

last is a dance based workout that blends ballet, fitness and Pilates inspired movements done at an energetic, calorie burning pace. Get ready to move! The Plie section will slim your booty, tone your thighs and blast the calories! The Cardio Ballet will keep you moving while elongating those muscles. Get ready to sculpt and tone your upper body with the Ballet Sculpt section, and end your workout right with some core conditioning and a well deserved cool down. Incorporate this workout into your existing exercise plan for great results!

Ballet Beautiful - Total Body Workout
English | AVI | XviD 798 kbps | 720 x 400 25fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 00:51:23 | 344 MB
Genre: Fitness

Each segment of the mnogopovtornogo ballet lesson on the floor targets a specific part of the body. The lesson is Mary Helen Bowers, a dancer of New York City Ballet with the perfect physique (she also trained Natalie Portman for "Black Swan"). You will start with the motions "bridge" aimed at buttocks - a lot of repetition, a strong "burning" and numerous subtle variations exercises you provided. Then follows a series of Pilates exercises for abs in raznoobraznm pace. The following two sections focus on the internal and external muscles of the thigh - again many more repetitions of exercises (eg, side foot moves). The program culminates elegant circles with your arms and very short part-plie squats. With podrobroy instruction one-on-one it is easy to follow, it seems to say directly to you. A great lesson with quiet classical piano music.

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