Incredible Magic At The Bar - Michael Maxwell -2DVD

Incredible Magic At The Bar - Michael Maxwell -2DVD


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Incredible Magic At The Bar - Michael Maxwell -2DVD

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Incredible Magic At The Bar - Michael Maxwell | Size 6.33 GB
Type Misc

Michael Maxwell's Incredible Magic...Made Easy! is a multi-volume DVD series designed to teach you how to easily master and
perform some of the greatest magic tricks ever created!
Each set in the series covers a different and unique type of magic, such as Bar Magic, Card Magic, Coin Magic, Rope Magic, Silk
Magic, Impromptu Magic, Mental Magic, Money Magic and many more!
Magic at the Bar teaches you the incredible secrets of performing magic at the bar. Amazing magical effects that are easy to perform on either side of the bar, but especially suitable for bartenders who wish to raise their image top a new level.
Return customers are guaranteed; they will bring their friends to witness your incredible magic. Imagine the extra cash you can earn
by increasing your tips... all because you have baffled and entertained your customers like never before!
This is a six-volume set of DVDs that teaches magic that is suitable for performances at either side of the bar, but especially suitable for bartenders who wish to raise their image to a new level.
Each DVD also includes guest performers and a prop that is used for one of the routines.
Volume One routines include: Invisible Deck, Professor's Nightmare, Vanishing Napkin, Book Test (Maxwell), Number Prediction (Maxwell), Fizz Master (Harris), Twisted Sisters (Bannon), Ghost Handkerchief, Coin Prediction, Heads I Win, Peebody, Flying Match, Happy Birthday Trick, Glass Through Bar, Anywhere Cards (Maxwell), Appearing Glass Of Liquid (Green), Miracle with a Fork (Bavli), and Rip-It Revolutionized (Hirose).
Includes gaffed card for Michael Maxwell's Anywhere Cards and guest appearances by Lennart Green, Guy Bavli and Johnny Hirose.
Running time: Approximately 116 minutes.
Volume Two routines include: Appearing & Vanishing Cigarette, Cellophane Connection (Okawa), Star Warp (Schwartzman/Lorayne), Spectral Silk (Wagner), Raccoonteur, Cut & Restored Rope, Burnt & Restored Napkin, Sponge Rabbits, Card On Forehead, Broken & Rstorted Toothpick, Signed Coin In Sugar Packet, Close-Up Illusion (Jennings), Swizzlestick, Ultimate Pickpocket (Maxwell), Coins To Cup (Roth), Heading North (Regal) and Snap Crackle Pop (Ladshaw).
Includes gaffed card for Michael Maxwell's Ultimate Pickpocket and guest appearances by David Roth, David Regal and Tom Ladshaw.
Running time: Approximately 99 minutes.
Volume Three routines include: Dice Stacking, Trained Seal, Floating Glass, Scotch & Soda, Coin In Bottle, Super Memory, Biting A Coin, Ambitious Card/Card Under Drink, Fly Away Jack, Thought-of Card (Maxwell), Acrobatic Aces, Cutting The Aces, Do As I Do, Jumping Rubber Band, Three-And-A-Half Of Clubs Trick, Signed Card to Coffee Cup (Fayne), Peripatetic Coins (Jennings), and Pretzel Logic (Givan).
Includes gaffed card for the 3 ? of Clubs trick and guest appearances by Chuck Fayne, Larry Jennings and Joe Givan.
Running time: Approximately 100 minutes.
Volume Four routines include: An Olive In The Hand, Olive & Shaker Routine, Party On The P-A-T-E-O (Maxwell), Towel Chicken, Card In Shoe, Simple Coins Across (Maxwell), Toony Angel (Maxwell), Pencil Through Quarter, Bill In Lemon, Card In Ice Cube, Nickel On Forehead, Levitating Salt Shaker, Floating Cup, Ring In Dinner Roll/One-Handed Knot, Stolen Cards (Green), Laser D'Lite, Gift Of Grab (Maxwell), Whisky/Shoe Production (Green), Producing Items from a Deck (Green), Cigarette Through Quarter (Dingle), Paper Strip (Marotta), The 14 of Spades Trick.
Includes gaffed card for the 14 Of Spades trick and guest appearances by Lennart
Green, Derek Dingle and Rich Marotta.
Running time: Approximately 118 minutes.
Volume Five routines include: Starcle (Harlan), Indian Bean Mystery, Swallowing A Balloon, Reflex (Harris), Swiss Movement (Harris), Gray Elephant In Denmark, 11 Carrots, Ring On Stick (Maxwell), Ashes Through Hand, Chink-A-Chink, Matrix, Out Of This World (Lorayne), Ghost Spoon/Floating Dinner Roll, Copper/Silver Transposition, Miser's Miracle (Andrus), Cut & Restored Rope (Skinner), Wild Coin (Roth), Starcle (Harlan), and The Blank Card.
Includes a Blank Card, a Copper Coin and a Card Wallet for various tricks and guest appearances by Jerry Andrus, Michael Skinner, David Roth and Dan Harlan.
Running time: Approximately 129 minutes.
Six routines include: dropping A Match On Edge, Coin Cross, Coin Triangle, One Of Them Is Not A Dime, Dime For Every Quarter, Heads & Tails, Bill & Bottle, Match Triangle, Picking Up Straws, Ten Dimes In Shot Glass, Bill Between Two Beer Bottles, Circumference vs. Height, Olive In Ashtray, Heckler Shot, Stepping Through A Business Card, William Tell Match, The Dry Dime, Squeeze Play, Topsy-Turvy Coins, Centrifugal Force Coin & Glass, Heads & Tails On The Line, Coin Star, Matching Birthdays dropping A Matchbox On End, Ten-Cent Shot, Two Shots Two Beers, Bet I Can Make You Say Black, Coin Hitting Coin, Olive & Martini Glass, Yoke Are White, Walking Around You Three Times, Eggstraordinary, and Thinking Over A Tree (Weber).
Includes gaffed card for the 3 ? of Clubs trick and a guest appearance by Michael Weber.
Running time: Approximately 85 minutes.

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